Living Bread Ministry

If you see the man pictured on your left in church on Sundays or in the Youth Wing, where he manages the Living Bread Ministry, please welcome him.  He is David Young, a Prairie Village resident who approached the Church on Mission Committee in the spring of 2011 about the possibility of partnering with him in his ministry.  

The Committee voted unanimously to sponsor Mr. Young’s ministry and, upon receiving an approval from the Church Council, assigned him Room S223 in which he stores the bread and miscellaneous food items he obtains prior to loading his trucks to deliver the food to over 25 shelters, missions, individual families, and food pantries in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

In order to further assist the ministry, funds have been donated to LBC  to provide Mr. Young and his assistants with the gasoline and upkeep of the vehicles they use to obtain and deliver the bread.  Also, he uses his truck in his work at Pepperidge Farm two days a week.  In lieu of a salary, he asks for payment in the form of excess day-old bread for his ministry. 

So, the next time you approach the south wing and smell the delicious aroma of fresh bread, feel free to take what you need—that is part of  Mr. Young’s ministry, which is based on Scripture:  “I am the living bread that came down from heaven.”  (John 6:51)